During 2010 our building underwent a major transformation to enable us to build on our usual high standard of service and develop that even further.


Consulting Rooms

We have three consulting rooms where examinations are carried out and your pet’s health is checked. One of our primary reasons for undergoing these alterations was so that we could gain an additional consult room.  We hope that this will enable us to accommodate more consultation times and introduce nurse clinics. 


Waiting Room and Reception

We have automatic doors on the entrance to the reception area which makes it easier for clients with more than one pet to go in and out of the premises. To avoid delays please report to reception on your arrival. Our spacious waiting room incorporates separate areas in order to accommodate both cats and dogs in harmony and has ease of access to all the consulting rooms. There is a good selection of recommended animal food and products.

The consulting rooms, reception and the waiting area are all large enough to accommodate wheelchairs and the main access has a low threshold entrance with adjacent parking.


Day Kennels

All kennels are well insulated, continually monitored and have thermostatically controlled heating facilities. We have added to our existing kennels with another unit which incorporates an oxygen therapy unit. Our oxygen supply can be accessed in our kennels which enables us to provide emergency oxygen therapy to our patients when required.


Walk-in Kennels

We have installed a new walk in kennel which is closed off from the main kennel area. It enables us to have a separate isolation kennel and is ideal for our larger canine patients.


Diagnostic Suite

The diagnostic suite is where our new digital ultra sound and x-ray machine and also our endoscope and bronchoscopes are used.


Prep Room

This is the main area for pre-surgical preparation and assessment and also accommodates a state of the art dental facility.We now have much more space to store all of our operating instruments that we use to perform specialised surgery.


Operation Theatre

Our operating room is designed to maintain hygiene and allow ease of access to our diagnostic equipment. We have hospital lighting and the walls are lined to prevent cross-contamination. This area has restricted access to prevent external contamination and is separated from the prep area with an automatic glass door. There is suffcient space for three veterinary surgeons to operate at any one time. This will create more fexibility for our clients on operating appointments.



This is where we have installed our new state of the art diagnostic facilities. We are able to perform most of our diagnostic tests in house, thus reducing waiting times for results. Our new laboratory equipment is linked to our computer system which enables the results of any test performed, both in house and external, to be automatically transferred on to the patients clinical records. Our new equipment includes a blood gas and electrolyte analyser, blood clotting, biochemistry and haematology. We are also able to analyse urine samples, faeces, blood and tissue smears.



Feline patients with infectious diseases are housed in our feline isolation kennels. Having separate kennel areas for our patients that require hospitalisation in isolation allows us to use correct barrier nursing techniques and thus prevent any risk of cross infection between patients.


Utility Area

The extension has created a much larger utility area which is used for both extra storage and to provide sufficient work surface area for our nurses to perform their daily tasks. The increased space has enabled us to install a top of the range industrial washer and dryer to enable us to keep up with increasing demands and provides us with an opportunity to possibly invest in a hydrotherapy unit in the future. We have a large parking area and ease of access to reception. The building has dual alarm systems, full fire alarm, internal shutters and security fire doors.


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