In order to take your pet abroad you should ensure that your pet has a pet passport. As things currently stand (October 2019), pet passports are simple to obtain and use. The steps are;

  1. Ensure that your pet cat, dog or ferret is microchipped which you can do with Gower Vets
  2. The Vet must check the chip and then give a licensed rabies vaccination
  3. You must wait 21 days after the vaccination day before travelling within the EU
  4. Ensure travel is through a recognised “travellers point of entry” i.e.: Ferry routes or flights, pet passports do not allow dogs to arrive in Europe on a private sailing yacht etc.
  5. Before returning to the UK a tapeworm treatment must be administered by a vet in the EU between 24 and 120 hours of your return to the UK

Brexit may have serious implications and stop all of this from being the case. I would advise anyone who must travel after Brexit, give us a call or visit your practice, to discuss rabies blood tests and then possible implication.

A link below is to a government website which gives you more information: