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Dog Neutering

Dog Spaying

One method for dog neutering we offer is Dog Spaying. We recommend neutering before the first ‘season’ but there are still many benefits from neutering between the first and second ‘season’. Spaying is the removal of the ovaries and womb. In bitches it iradicates any possibility of phantom pregnancy, and decreases the chance of life threatening uterine infections and breast cancers. Gower also offer the less invasive option of laparoscopic spaying, as it involves tiny incisions and is performed by inserting a small camera and specially-manufactured instruments. 

Dog Castration

Another method of dog neutering is Dog Castration. Dogs can be castrated from five months of age. Castration can reduce roaming tendencies, limit aggressive behaviour, removes the danger of testicular cancer, decreases the risk of prostate problems and can help prevent other cancers.

How often will my dog come into season?

Most dogs come into season every six months but there is huge variation between breeds.

Cat Neutering

Cat Spaying

At Gower Vets we offer cat neutering for female cats. This will stop them from coming into heat which is often uncomfortable and can cause them to roam for tom cats. It prevets unwanted and potentially homeless kittens, overly vocal or demanding cats who will attract unwanted tom cats, and pyometra which is a severe uterus infection which requires costly surgery to treat. 

Cat Castration

Another form of cat neutering here at Gower Vets is Cat Castration. If your tom cat gets a castration, you will see a decrease in them roaming. Due to this, they will also get into less fights with other cats, so will have less risk of spreading disease. Like male dogs, tom cats can be castrated from five months old.   

How Often Will My Cat Come Into Season?

Cats are seasonally polyoestrous meaning they will come in and out of season between March and September. 

Pet Neutering Services

Gower provide reliable and quick pet neutering services to give you as a pet owner peace of mind and ensure that your cat or dog has a good quality of life. For more information about neutering or to book an appointment, please contact us on 01792 299111, or fill out a contact form here