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You may find yourself asking, how often should you flea a dog? And how long in between each treatment can you wait? Do not fear, thankfully we've got answers to these questions for all you budding dog lovers out there.

You want your dog to be receiving flea treatment once every month while worm treatment is something that needs looking at every two to three months, or even more. However, whether your dog is a social butterfly or maybe more of a home pup, your vet will have recommendations on what the best course of action is depending on their lifestyle.

If your dog is due for flea treatment, you can book an appointment at our Swansea clinic now.

Dog outside from flea treatment

How often should you flea a puppy?

For all our new puppy owners, the first few months can be a busy time getting everything set up and sorted. Flea treatment is one of the many things your dog will need to receive.

Puppies are more susceptible to being in contact with fleas because of their smaller build and immune systems, this naturally results in them needing more frequent application than your usual pooch. Puppies benefit from receiving flea treatment from around 8 weeks and will require repeated application. The frequency will depend on the product and amount of fleas your puppy is experiencing. This can all be discussed and verified with your vet during your flea and worm treatment appointment

How long can you wait between treatments?

Now we know how often you should flea your dog, let's look at how long is recommended to wait in between. As the types of treatment for fleas and worms are different, it is advised that there should be a window of time in between, this is usually a week. Having a gap ensures that the treatment has been fully absorbed and doesn't have an impact on the secondary treatment effectiveness. To find out exactly how long you will need to wait, it is best to consult your vet as the treatment plan your dog is on may have an impact on the needed waiting time.

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What are the treatment options for my dog?

We understand having a lot of different treatments and appointments for your pooch can become overwhelming, and trying to remember how often your dog should receive flea treatment is just another question mark. Some options combine flea and worm treatments for your dog, it goes by the name all-in-one flea and wormer. It is better to consult your vet if you are interested in this option as there are some types of worms it doesn't cover. The vet may also want to check that your pet has any complications that the combined treatments don't cover.

What happens if my dog is not flea and worm treated as often as it should?

For whatever reason your dog is not receiving flea and worm treatment at all or at the recommended intervals, there are potential health risks that can arise. Your dog will be at a naturally higher risk of being exposed to flea and worm infestations. Both of these have symptoms your dog will experience, from itching and discomfort to digestive issues and anaemia.

There are also types of worms that can be passed from your dog to you and your family. This can be especially dangerous if you have young children, as they are much more likely to pick parasites up.

Getting the correct treatment for your dog and making sure it is receiving it as often as it should, will be able to protect not only your dog but also your home. This can all be discussed with our vets at our Swansea Clinic.

Dog stuck inside from no flea treatment

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