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At our Swansea clinic, Microchipping for cats and kittens is just one of the ways our vets can support you and your feline friends. It’s a quick and easy procedure that can provide you with a lifetime of reassurance and protection for your cat. There are an array of benefits when it comes to microchipping for cats; so join millions of other cat lovers today.

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Why is Microchipping for Cats Beneficial?

The benefits of microchipping your cat don't just stop at protection. If you're an owner of an outdoor cat who is all about seeing the sights of Swansea, then microchipping your cat is important. Once your cat is microchipped, if your cat does get lost or is taken, you can prove your ownership through the chip. This also comes in handy if there is a dispute over ownership.

Through microchipping your cat, you will gain peace of mind knowing you are always connected to their whereabouts. Even if you are an indoor-cat owner, there are still risks of accidents happening where having that microchip will be very useful.

This is why more and more cat owners are taking advantage of our microchipping for cats services that we provide here at our Swansea-based Clinic. Our veterinary experts can advise you if you have any questions before booking your fluffy friend in.

How Microchipping for Cats Keeps You Connected

So how does microchipping keep you connected? This is the process your cat will go through here at Gower Vets:

  • To have your chip registered on the national database, you will be asked to fill in a form with your details. This is the data that will help reconnect your cat with you if anything is to happen.
  • The microchip will have its unique number so it is individual to your cat. These can be read by portable scanning devices. The unique chip is what has your identification and contact details registered on it, this is how you and your cat are now connected through the chip.
  • Most places have a portable scanning device so once your cat is scanned, you will be contacted to reunite once again.
  • And for any reason you don't know (or remember) if your cat has been chipped, here at Gower Vets in Swansea we can arrange a scan to check for you. We will always scan your pet to check before implanting a new chip.

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When should I Microchip my cat?

There isn’t a specific time to microchip your cat. However, we recommend it is done before you let your cat outside to ensure you are protected from the get-go. Or if you have a rescue cat that needs microchipping, it’s never too late to get them registered. It’s quite common for owners to wait until the cat's second round of vaccinations before getting microchipped, but like we say, there is no specific timeline to follow.

The chip will be checked during subsequent checks by your vet. This is to make sure everything is going the way it should. Microchips are very effective and never really have any issues, but it never hurts just to check, for everyone’s sake.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microchipping for Cats:

  • How much does microchipping cats cost?

Up-to-date costs can be discussed with the vets. Contact your local clinic to learn more about the details.

  • What do I do if I need to rehome my cat?

Similarly to when your contact details change, if you are rehoming your cat, you must notify the microchip database. This way they can update the information to ensure everything is up to date.

  • Is Microchipping for cats permanent?

It is common for the chip to move from its original location but professionals are aware this can happen. Therefore your vet will check over your cat fully before making a decision. A microchip can come out after it has been injected, however, this is very rare. At Gower Vets in Swansea, if your pet’s microchip cannot be found after we have implanted it we will replace it free of charge.

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