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Pet Neutering for cats, dogs and rabbits all have significant preventative benefits for your pet's health. You may have a new kitten, puppy, rabbit or even a slightly older pet - regardless neutering can always encourage a healthier and happier lifestyle for your pet.

Your pet is in the best care at Gower Vets. Our top-notch facilities, together with a staff of skilled veterinary surgeons and trained veterinary nurses, guarantee that your dogs receive the finest care possible.

Members of our Pet Health for Life plan can also receive a 10% discount on any pet neutering procedure after first consulting with one of our veterinarians to determine the best timing for your pet.

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When Can Pet Neutering Take Place?

Cats and Rabbits are both advised from four months old for both males and females. Whereas for dogs, it is advised from six months but the pet's breed, weight and behaviour will also be considered as this can also have an impact. Female dogs can be neutered either pre-season or three months after the season is over. 

If you are still unsure then get in touch with us! Our team are always happy to clear things up and advise you.


Pet Neutering Benefits

Beyond only reducing undesired litters, pet neutering has many other advantages. Neutering is essential for protecting our pet's health long-term and well-being in addition to its role in population control. Neutering a pet may have a significant positive effect on their quality of life as well as foster a happier, healthier bond between the animal and the owner. Here are further benefits of pet neutering:

Behavioural Improvements: Unwanted behaviours including hostility, urine marking, wandering, and behaviours connected to mating are frequently reduced after pet neutering.


Longer Lifespan: Pet neutering can have long-term benefits such as your pets living longer. This is thanks to the fact that neutering reduces the risk of reproductive-related health problems that can arise for your pet if neutering does not take place.


Health Benefits: As mentioned before, your pets can be at risk of cancers and infections that come with reproduction. This can include testicular cancer or uterine infections, both can become painful and uncomfortable diseases for your pet. This risk can be avoided through pet neutering.


Pet Management: Overall pet neutering can improve pet management and make it much easier for you, the owner. As they are less distracted by mating instincts, and less likely to look for potential mates which can help decrease the chance of them getting lost, overall makes them easier to handle and manage.

As you can see, pet neutering brings benefits to both you and your pet, to understand more about these points or get an appointment booked, contact us today.

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Pet Neutering Frequently Asked Questions 

Will neutering affect my pet's behaviour?

As your pet will no longer be mating, a lot of behavioural characteristics that come with it such as hostility, wandering, distraction and marking will all become reduced from the absence of reproduction instincts. 


How long does it take for a pet to recover from neutering surgery? 

As your pet will go under general anaesthetic, we keep them with us for a day for the best recovery. Once our Vets are happy with their condition, they will then be discharged back to you. However for your pet to have a full recovery, a minimum of 2 weeks depending on the age and gender of your pet is the general time it takes. You can always contact Gower if you are concerned about your pet's recovery after neutering. 


How can I prepare my pet for neutering surgery?

When you bring your pet into the practice, please bring them in a secure container with a blanket that smells like home. This will help make them feel more relaxed before the procedure. It may also be beneficial to bring some of their favourite food for the general anaesthetic. The Gower Team are happy to give any further advice if you are unsure of how to prepare.

If you have any further questions about pet neutering that aren’t listed here then please get in touch and our team will be able to advise you.


Book An Appointment With Gower Vets

Contact the Gower Team on 01792 299111 or book a pet neutering appointment here. Take the steps to help both you and your pet in the short and long run. If you still need to understand if pet neutering is for you, please ask a member of our team and we can help advise what is best.