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You care deeply for your rabbit, and we at Gower Vets know that. Curious by nature, rabbits are prone to getting lost or roaming off. In the unlikely event that your pet disappears, rabbit microchipping is an easy yet incredibly powerful method to guarantee their safe and prompt return to you. With care and accuracy, our knowledgeable vet's team at Gower Vets is available to deliver this essential treatment.

Rabbit microchipping at gower vets

Rabbit Microchipping at Gower Vets

At Gower Vets, we make sure that the rabbit microchipping procedure is swift, secure, and as non-invasive as possible. Here's what to expect once you book your appointment.

  • Consultation: To go over the advantages of microchipping and address any concerns you may have, we start with a consultation. This allows us to fully understand your rabbit and for you to know exactly what to expect going forward.


  • Procedure: Using a sterile needle, the rice-sized microchip is inserted just beneath the surface of your rabbit. It is a quick process, much like getting vaccinated regularly.


  • Registration: We register your contact details with a nationwide pet recovery database as soon as the microchip is installed. Maintaining current contact information is crucial to guarantee that you are reachable in the event that your rabbit is discovered.


  • Follow-Up: To make sure your rabbit is comfortable following the treatment, we offer follow-up care and guidance, this can all be discussed during your initial consultation.

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Why Rabbit Microchipping Is Important

To ensure both your peace of mind and your pet's safety, rabbit microchipping is a must:

  • Permanent Identification: A microchip gives your rabbit a permanent form of identification, unlike collars or tags, which are loose or removable. A tiny, robust implanted chip is placed just beneath the skin, usually in the space between the shoulder blades.


  • Quick Reunification: If your rabbit gets lost and is brought to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, personnel can quickly reunite you and your pet by scanning the microchip to get your contact information.


  • Peace of Mind: You may relax knowing that your pet rabbit is microchipped. You have a better chance of finding them again even if they stray.


  • Respect for Regulations: Microchipping animals is mandated by law in some places. Making sure your rabbit is microchipped ensures that you comply with local laws.


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Why Choose Gower Vets?


Skilled Team: Our veterinary professionals at Gower possess extensive knowledge in managing rabbits and performing microchipping techniques with accuracy and care.


Caring Handling: We recognise that your rabbit's comfort and welfare come first. Our staff makes sure your pet has a kind and stress-free experience. 


Modern Facilities: Gower Vets has state-of-the-art facilities to give your rabbit the best treatment possible.


Book Your Rabbit Microchipping Appointment

The well-being and security of your rabbit are our first concerns at Gower Vets. You may feel secure knowing that your pet has a long-lasting means of identification that can aid in your reunion in the unlikely event that they become lost with the help of our expert microchipping services.

Make an appointment with us right now to safeguard your pet's safety. Allow us to assist you in keeping your pets secure.