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Having a Vet Consultation for your pet will involve an initial consultation to determine whether there are any concerns that need to be addressed. Having this Vet consultation is beneficial whether this is your first time visiting us at Gower Vets or not. 

When you register your pet with us for the first time, consultations can be used as a general health and wellness check or to look into any particular illnesses or injuries you may have seen in your pet. We will schedule a consultation for your new kitten or puppy so we can give them a thorough examination before their first microchip.

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How Do Our Vet Consultation Services Run?

Once you have booked your Vet Consultation with us and brought your pet to our Practice in Swansea. You will then be greeted in a private consultation room by one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable veterinarians or nurses.  

Any information you think would be helpful, such as dietary or behavioural changes in your pet, will be requested from you so please have these ready before your consultation. If your pet is already registered with us, we will also go over their past and medical histories. After that, we'll give your pet a comprehensive physical examination, paying close attention to any areas where you might be worried there may be an issue.

 Our vets will discuss with you the course of action to take if the initial vet consultation indicates any reason for worry. Medication, x-rays, a nurse clinic referral, or more research might all fall under this category. Every stage of the process will be reported to you to ensure you are kept in the loop.


Our Alternative Consultation Options

Here at Gower Vets, we understand that coming into our practice is not always possible. For these circumstances, we can provide phone and video vet consultation services. One of our highly skilled veterinarians will see you during your call, providing you with the same amount of time and attention to detail as you would in a practice.  

We are frequently able to diagnose conditions and, if needed, provide medicine. We may need to physically see your pet if we can't get to a suitable decision over the phone or video. This may happen through an emergency scenario or during a follow-up, in-person that we can schedule for you during the call.

alternative vet consultation options with gower


Advantages of Vet Consultations 

If you are considering whether booking a vet consultation with us is worth it, here are just a few reasons why they are so important and worth your while:


Professional Advice: Our vets can offer customised, expert guidance for you and your pet based on its particular circumstances.


Preventive Care: Having regular vet consultations can help assist in preserving the health and quality of life of your pet by identifying health problems early and implementing preventive treatments.


Emergency Preparedness: Through Vet consultations, we may be able to notice signs that aren’t clear to you but can prevent future emergencies. By catching signs earlier during consultations we can implement treatment earlier on. We can also offer advice on how to approach potential emergency situations if you are at home.


Monitoring Growth and Development: By coming in for consultations throughout your pet's life, our Vets can keep an eye on your pet's growth and development, making sure they reach developmental milestones and ensuring issues are taken care of straight away.


Peace Of Mind: Having a vet consultation as a pet owner can offer you comfort in knowing that you're taking proactive measures to ensure the health and well-being of your pet.

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