Help: Pet Anxiety for Halloween and Bonfire Night

This month can be a particularly testing for all our pets due to Halloween and Bonfire Night and as a result, we see an increase in dog and cat anxiety. It’s essential to be prepared and so we’ve put together some small steps you can take to help ease anxiety in your house pet.

Dog anxiety

Gower Vets can help with dog anxiety this Halloween

  • Find a quiet place in the house where they will be unstimulated
  • Play some music, you can even find music created specifically for dogs online
  • Try anti-anxiety medication or supplements, to help your dog develop confidence in what would usually be a stressful situation for them.

Cat anxiety

Help with cat anxiety the Bonfire night with Gower vets

  • Place your cat into ‘their own space’, you can also use anti-anxiety diffuser in this space too
  • Try not to cuddle your cat, as this can add to stress and cause them to lash out
  • When they have calmed a little, try to engage them with gentle play from afar.